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The Goblin Adventure

15 September 2007

The characters heard of an ogre that's been attacking a nearby village. They visited the ogre's cave and fought it. The ogre killed Kevin, but the combined might of the other players was enough to kill it. They dragged Kevin's body and the head of the ogre back to the town, where they were rewarded by the townspeople. Kevin's brother Kyle mourned the death of his brother, then he joined the party. The party returned to the cave, and were joined by several other adventurers.

<Zoomboy> And (the wizard) killed the ogre off all by my self, hehe.

29 September 2007

The party explored the cave further. Deeper in, they encountered and fought several creatures that appeared…different than usual. More aggressive.

The party discovered a rope in a pool in a central cavern; evidence that this cave is used by intelligent people. In a small passage, the party found a chest, which when opened revealed four evil dolls that leaped at the party. The dolls went down fairly quickly, and inside the chest was gold, gems, and two ropes with grappling hooks. Huzzah!

Player tip:

  • Kevin, level 1 Half-Orc Barbarian
  • Melissa, level 1 Human Wizard (played by Brandon/Zoomboy)
  • Corrin, level 1 Halfling Rogue (played by Brent)
  • Allie James or Alic, level 1 Human Monk
  • Excelsior, level 1 Halfing Ranger
  • Zarroc, level 1 Half-Elf Ranger
  • …others…

<Zoomboy> MELISSA!!!!!!! her name is Jasica Argee and she's a Half Elf .

<Zoomboy> most of us are neutral or neutral good

<Zoomboy> We are all first level and I'm the only female in the group.

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