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The House of Doctor Chamberlain

The House of Doctor Chamberlain is a self-contained horror-themed adventure, perfect for an evening of fun with friends. Each player chooses a character and explores a *manor house that rapidly turns haunted*.

The story is driven by the players' discovery of clues, and their assumptions and decisions about what to do with those clues. As a result, the identity of the antagonist is a matter of group consensus, and may be different for different groups.

The adventure is divided into three acts. In Act 1, the player-characters are introduced to each other and the setting, culminating in a murder. In Act 2, the characters investigate the murder, learning many clues about the manor's inhabitants, ending with an attack by whichever suspect seems the most likely. In Act 3, the murderer is defeated and the group escapes (hopefully!).

The story can be set at any time in the 20th century.

In case you're curious: this game uses the free Risus system.

Buy now. 10 page PDF.


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