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This page provides demo videos for Brent's games.

The Burned Future

The Burned Future is a tabletop RPG set in a post-apocalyptic future of fantastic savagery, mysticism, and super science.

First Playtest

Second Playtest

This version included mechanics for critical hits and critical misses.

Bounty Hunter Blues

Bounty Hunter Blues is a Fiasco playset in the Cowboy Bebop universe.

Dungeon Delvers

Dungeon Delvers is an ultraportable D&D variant designed to be played wherever you are.

A Fantastic Journey to Mars

This is a storytelling game in the style of Lady Blackbird, in which a group of Jules Verne-style Victorian characters travel to Mars.

Stories of the Lens

This is a co-operative, GM-less, dice-less storytelling game, in which a team of special galaxy patrollers face seemingly impossible odds and defeat them, all within 2 hours.

First Playtest

The following is the first play test.

Second Playtest

The following is the second play test of the game. This one ran without plot points or conflict points, as a completely “mechanic-free” game (well, as “mechanic-free” as a game can ever get).

The Whispering Road

Kaze is a tabletop RPG inspired by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

First Playtest

The following videos are the first playtest, which was played as three sessions.

Second Playtest

This is a single, two-hour game that demonstrates the shorter, 3-act rules for Kaze (though we actually finished it in 2 acts).

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