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The Burned Future

The Burned Future will be a tabletop RPG set in a post-apocalyptic future of fantastic savagery, mysticism, and super science. It is currently in playtesting.

The players each play a hero. Each hero has a name, a craft (like a profession), a stunt (something special he or she does), a catchphrase that sums up the character's personality, and 5 Hero Points.

The game is divided into scenes. In each scene, one player is the Narrator (a role that rotates), who sets up the enemies and rolls dice for them. Each enemy is represented by a rolled die. The players can then invoke craft, stunt, or catchphrase for a d10 or d8, or spend Hero Points to knock down the enemy dice.


The following is a playtest of the first draft of the rules.

The following is a playtest of the second draft of the rules, which included rules for critical hits and critical misses.

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