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Seven Stones

This page is for information about a D&D 4th Edition game that Brent and Brandon used to DM. This campaign is currently stalled.

Check out Background and Rumor Sheets.

Current Players

  • Gregg - female paladin
  • JD - male monk (converted from 3.5e)
  • Justin
  • Bobby - ranger
  • Troy - sorceror
  • Kelly - cleric
  • Nick
  • Matt
  • Danny

For New Players

  1. Print off a character sheet and fill out as much as you can (such as your name), in pencil, using the Simplified DnD Character Creation Chart.
  2. Think about the kind of person you want to be in the game. Kind? Heartless? Brash? A joker? Super-smart?
  3. Bring your favorite snack with you to share.

The Story So Far

The Mountain Kingdom

The players found themselves in a small mountain kingdom, ruled by an apparently good king, but no sooner did they arrive than the kigndom came under attack from an army of dwarves, marching from a nearby mine. The dwarves appeared to be under the control of a human, who swiftly teleported into the kingdom's central castle. The players found him in the throne room, and despite a desperate battle, he managed to grab something from behind the throne room and teleport away.

The players then interrogated a captured dwarf, who promised to take them into the mines. They did so, only to stumble upon a chained Tarrasque. They fought it off and returned to the surface with more questions than answers.

As the party wandered around the city in search of clues, a sorceror approached the players. He explained that this kingdom is host to one of seven stones, all of which when brought together will apparently make the assembler a god. He figures that the dwarf-controller was after this kingdom's stone.

He promises to send them all out to gather those stones.

War in the Deep

The party traveled first to an underwater kingdom. There, the players fought off a sahuagin raiding party, assisted by some passing aquatic elves. After defeating the sahuagin, the aquatic elves escorted the party to the Council of elves, who explained that a war was brewing between the evil sahuagin to the northeast and the merfolk kingdom to the east.

The players then traveled to the merfolk capitol, which had turned into a massive military garrison. They went before the Merfolk King, who explained that his daughter has run off to the north to fend off the sahuagin invaders. The players are sent there to bring her back. They do so, but upon arriving at the northern border, they find the princess rallying the troops to fight off a huge onslaught of sahuagin. After defeating them, the princess swims north to attack the sahuagin on their own turf, the players reluctantly in tow.

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