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The Goblins of Summerkeep

A local lord has a job: one of his ancestral castles has been abandoned for decades, and goblins have now taken up residence inside. The party is sent to Summerkeep, and its accompanying village of Westmarsh, to rout the goblin menace.

They arrive to discover that the goblin menace is worse than they were told. Not only have the goblins been stealing sheep and cattle, now a young boy is missing! They must wipe out the goblins quickly, despite their enemy's fortified position.

The Goblins of Summerkeep is a 4-encounter D&D 4th Edition Heroic Tier adventure that's been designed so it can be scaled for 1st through 10th level adventurers. It's the first of a series of campaign modules that can be added to any Heroic Tier campaign. It's designed to be easy to run and easy to drop in to an existing campaign.

Each monster is presented in three variations, one for 1st level adventurers, one for 5th level, and one for 10th level. As a result, it's easy to tweak the monsters for any party from 1st to 10th level.

In addition, each piece of dialogue is presented in two columns: a carefully-written piece of dialogue that you can read as “boxed text,” and a detailed summary that you can customize according to your preferred speech patterns.

The full-color artwork and maps have been carefully color-corrected to print perfectly on color and black-and-white printers. The module includes maps that will print in standard one-inch squares on a normal piece of paper.

You can get this adventure at DriveThruRPG for a mere US $5.


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