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Imagine playing a tabletop RPG anywhere, as long as you have a few friends around.

Arbiter provides simple story prompts and answers your yes-or-no questions about the situation you're in. Just ask Arbiter a yes or no question and click the “Arbitrate” button.

Moreover, Arbiter will occasionally add in plot twists from its database of hundreds of story objects.

You can also switch Arbiter between Fantasy and SF modes.

Usage Guide

Tap the Set the Scene button at the top of the screen for a broad scene description.

When you're not sure what should happen next, ask a yes-or-no question aloud, then tap the “Arbitrate” button. Arbiter will answer, and will occasionally provide two plot twists.

To switch to a science fiction setting, tap the button on the bottom of the screen.

Privacy Policy

Arbiter does not collect any information about you.

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