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Ability Score

Ability Score is an unusual tabletop RPG. It provides a few simple mechanics for play, as well as a framework for character creation. You then decide which stats to apply to your characters.

It's based on the classic Dungeons & Dragons ability score, with modifiers. You roll 3d6 for each one, or start with 10 in each and add/subtract evenly. But each genre will have its own custom ability scores, from Galactic Knowledge to Fast Feet.

During the game, you then roll 2d6 and add the appropriate modifier. A table tells you how well you do, from disastrous failure through failure with a benefit to spectacular success.

There are also rules for damage and healing, magic, and psionics.

The game includes sample ability scores for a wide variety of genres, including:

  • The Cat Kingdom
  • Heist
  • Heroic Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Psychic Cold War Espionage
  • Science Fiction
  • Superheroes
  • Supernatural Post Apocalypse
  • Tramps vs. the Occult World

And it all fits on a single page.

Download now from DriveThruRPG for USD $2.99




Andrew Shields created this PocketMod version of the Horror edition of Ability Score, plus a free adventureDeath in Verdant Meadows.

Lucas "Atmo" Leonardo published a Portuguese translation.


If you have questions about Ability Score, please post them to the Google+ Community.

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