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DROP is a high-level story-telling, roleplaying game of survival horror that plays in about 2 hours. While you will control your character's individual actions, DROP plays more like a group of writers weaving a movie plot around a table.

This is a game about building a story, one that will go very badly, all in a couple of hours. It's Fiasco crossed with Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, with a heavy dose of Alien.

In DROP, the players are all crewmembers on a starship that arrives at a planet in trouble, and must drop to the surface, explore some large structure, then run like hell. The rules provide a simple framework for defining the characters and coming up with challenges for them to face.

The rules fit on one side of one page, while the other side has space to record a character's actions. You can hand each player just this one sheet of paper and they'll have everything they need to play.

The PDF also includes extended explanations of the rules with further prompts and suggestions for play. There are also a few alternate rules and approaches, to better fit various groups.

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If you want to see how a game goes, check out these session logs:

  • DROP Session Log #1 – A medical ship is called to a ship-building colony in the Firefly universe. It does not go well.
  • Drop Session Log: The Horror of the Desert Isle – A crew of prisoners on their way to Australia circa 1800 are shipwrecked in a strange place. It does not go well.
  • Bad Company – The crew of an imperial ship must land on Crucis Q-8 in personal flight suits. It does not go well.
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