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Dance of the Leash

Dance of the Leash will be a role-playing game of nobles in a decadent court, risking their Attention, Power, and Control. Each player controls a leashed god for entertainment. It's all fun and games until the fight for the regency begins. Can you risk your attributes just right to win, or will you be executed by the new order?

This game is still under development.

System Overview

Each noble has points in Attention, Power, and Control. Each noble also controls a leashed god that obeys the noble's commands within a certain domain.

The game consists of a series of scenes: decadent Parties, secretive Audiences, and grand Assemblies. Each scene allows the player to risk different amounts of Attention, Power, and Control (their own or someone else's).

But then, halfway through the game, the Empress declares an heir to the throne. The nobles must now scramble for Power, Control, and Attention, which will determine their position at the end of the game.


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