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High School Hearts

High School Hearts is a fun, light tabletop role-playing game of high schoolers dealing with love, rivalry, and the rest of the emotional roller-coaster of adolescence.

The game package includes:

  • A 5-page PDF containing the rules and samples of play.
  • An .azw3 file containing the rules, for use on newer Kindles.
  • A .mobi file containing the rules, for use on older Kindles.
  • An .epub file containing the rules, for use on iPads and other eReaders.
  • A 4-page PDF of print-and-play tokens; not required but very useful.

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System Overview

Characters don't have stats, as such. Instead, characters are made up of two words (like “clumsy cheerleader” or “shy valedictorian”) and have relationships, represented by tokens. More tokens on an NPC = a stronger relationship. Each NPC also has a separate maturity score, represented by tokens. Players also start with 5 Drama tokens, which they can spend to change relationships.

During the game, one PC is the “spotlight” of the scene. That player chooses a crisis for the scene, the character at the center of the crisis, and the physical location where the episode's set. The player then spends his or her drama tokens to draw playing cards, which are used to determine if the relationship in the scene changes and/or any of the characters add maturity.


If you have questions about High School Hearts, please post them to the Google+ Community.


High School Hearts is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA 3.0).

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