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Change of Fate

Change of Fate is a FATE game being developed by several friends.


  • 2000: Reports of people with strange powers begin to filter into mainstream consciousness. Paranormal study programs are first established at major universities.
  • 2007: The Final War on Terrorism. at 7:00am on July 7th, 2007, Al Qaeda launches a coordinated attack on London, Moscow, New York, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Rio de Janeiro. A year-long counter-offensive effectively annihilates Al Qaeda and mutes radical Islam as a political force.
  • 2015: The Korean Unification. North Korea rattles its saber so much that the nations of the world broker a forced peace deal. Korea is re-united into a single country with two states, north and south.
  • 2016: The first cases of a super-virulent mutation of AIDS called HAIDS (hemorrhagic acquired immune deficiency syndrome) are reported.
  • 2020: The African Quarantine. HAIDS spreads so quickly that the entirety of sub-Saharan Africa is quarantined.
  • 2030: The Tibetan Force Field. At approximately 10:38am on September 18th, 2030, a shimmering blue dome of blue light appears over Tibet and surrounding land. Nothing can get in or out.

Geopolitical Situation

  • The United States is basically unchanged, other than the rise of many strange cults.
  • Russia has become a major force again, thanks to the discovery of massive oil fields in the arctic. It's rumored to contain highly advanced magical research facilities.
  • The middle east is now primarily concerned with two growing superpowers: Israel and the Islamic League of Peace (Iran and Saudi Arabia), which are engaged in an ever-escalating technological/hacking cold war (think Neuromancer).
  • Korea is now a single country, but still very much divided into two states. The DMZ still exists.
  • Japan struggles with an aged population and a large influx of Korean refugees, but has become the world leader in integrating technology and magic.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa has been quarantined due to the outbreak of HAIDS.
  • Northern Africa and Southern Europe have formed the Mediterranean Hegemony of Equality, an EU-like economic and political group which comprises the nations surrounding the Mediterranean Ocean.
  • China has calmed down and now has a cordial–if often strained–relationship with the rest of the world.
  • Europe is freaking out.
  • Central America has dissolved into territories run by drug cartels.
  • South America is relatively unchanged, though there's a lot of magical research in the rain forests.


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