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The Game

I was honored to win the Twitter RPG Design Competition for a simple game of intelligent weasels:

Play intelligent weasels with other beasts in forest. 13 points in Sneaky, Vicious, Persuade, Health. Beat 1d6 to succeed; 1 damage per hit

This so thrilled me that I put together a one-page PDF, describing the game in more detail. In Weasels, you play an intelligent weasel who lives in the Woods, and has banded together with a few brethren to face a Problem.

Download the Weasels PDF here

The system is based loosely on GURPS and Mouse Guard, of all things.

Please let me know what you think!

Supplementary Information

The Woods

Weasels live in the endless Woods, broken only by rippling lakes and rocky hills. It is a beautiful place, but like all of nature, that beauty masks danger and death. Hawks, lynx, and foxes are always looking for a new meal.

What Is A Weasel?

As a weasel, you know you're as dangerous to predators as they are to you. You are cunning and vicious, often attacking creatures much larger than you. You don't bother to build your own den; you just take over burrows left by your prey.

If you're a male, in the spring you seek out females and mate with several of them, though you do not bother to stick around. If you're a female, you take several males in the spring, then give birth to a litter of 1 to 3 kits, and raise them for about two months until they're independent. You are even more territorial than usual while raising kits.

In combat, you are the most ferocious creature in the Woods, tenacious and sadistic. You can even be driven into a blood frenzy after enough killing (especially if you're a female in heat or raising kits).

You are normally a solitary creature, though there are so many other weasels in the Woods that you've learned to respect their boundaries and allow other weasels to cross through your territory. In fact, there are a few loose weasel coalitions, called Confusions, that function as pacts of non-aggression and mutual aid in emergencies. In truly dire times, weasels will band together into a Gang to deal with a major threat or opportunity.

Big Threats

Weasels have been known to form Gangs in response to floods, earthquakes, invasions by other creatures (prey or predator), and the occasional group of weasels that decides to war and expand its territory. This doesn't always work out, and weasels are sometimes forced out of their territory and must search for a new home.

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