The Plan

We want an overall upbeat tone, with some grimness, a bit like The Princess Bride.

We want to include:

  • Certain “mundane” magic that's used by everyone – brooms sweeping the streets by themselves, etc.
  • A focus on character drama, like a TV drama
  • Family of the PCs are relevant
  • Building to something substantial, but not the end of the world
  • A twist in perceptions (this person you've known all along is actually…)
  • Underdark exploration
  • Clear separation of OOC and IC conversations
  • Perhaps no standard classes

We want to avoid:

  • Zombies
  • Beholders
  • Time travel
  • Stories driven by the gods
  • Magic

Common magic items include:

  • Crystal rods that glow on command, used as torches
  • Sconces with magical flame that extinguish or light themselves on timers
  • A stone horn that blows a continuous cool or warm breeze
  • Sending stones

In addition, anyone can do the following 1-3 times per day:

  • Animate a broom to sweep one level of a small house
  • Animate a shovel to dig a hole for an hour
  • Start or extinguish a fire up to 1 foot in size
  • Freeze or unfreeze a pot of water
  • Purify a cup of water
  • Create a gust of wind
  • Slow their fall from a height (from lethal to merely painful)
  • Many food stalls have magic “burners” or “chillers” in the tabletop to cook food on the spot or keep it chilled.

The Lands

The game is set in the city of Thane's Landing, which contains a large castle. It is the primary residence of Lord Henry and Lady Margery Bedford (*nee* Heathcote), and their teenage children Joan, Ella, and John. Their crest is a black eagle on a field of blue. They also control the nearby towns of King's Hill, Queenstown, and Borelfell.

The nearby Heathcote family controls the towns to the northwest (Raven's Crossing, New Torsdale, and Lowmarsh). The Underwoods rule the towns to the south, but they're rumored to be in league with the pirates of the nearby sea.

Nearby villages: Deerfell, Riverton, Drakesmill

Thane's Landing:

Thanes landing

Area map:

Area map

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