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Zeppelins vs. Pterodactyls


A lost world has been discovered! Beasts from another age wander the savage land, guarding fabulous treasures!

You must navigate your zeppelin over the lost world, fighting off pterodactyls and swooping up treasure and supplies. But beware! Other treasure-seekers compete with you.

Zeppelins vs. Pterodactyls comes with a deck of cards that is laid out to create the game board. This makes each game different, as each card provides different rewards.

Getting It

The Rules

This is a board/card/dice game for 2-6 players. All dice are six-sided.

You are flying a zeppelin over a lost world that is itself filled with dinosaurs and treasure. You are trying to collect 3 treasures.


To begin the game, lay out the deck of terrain cards in any order and shape desired.

Each player, in turn, places a pterodactyl on top of any terrain card that is not on the edge. There are a total of 5 pterodactyls. All 5 pterodactyl cards are also placed face-up to one side of the playing area.

Each player then places his or her zeppelin on top of one terrain card on the border of the terrain, and takes a total of 16 armor and cannonball tokens (8 of each, or any combination totaling 16).


Play proceeds in rounds. Each player has a turn in each round.

Click the image for a high-res version.


On her first turn, the player places her zeppelin on any unoccupied tile on the border of the grid.

At the start of every other turn, the player must move her zeppelin to an adjacent tile.

If the card beneath the zeppelin is blank, flip the card over. If the revealed card shows treasure, cannonball, or armor tokens, place the corresponding number of treasure, armor, or cannonball tokens on that card. Each card remains flipped for the rest of the game.

Descending for Loot

A zeppelin can, instead of moving, decide to lower its altitude. If it does this, its player faces an attack from a dinosaur. The dinosaur must be defeated before the loot on that tile may be taken. Roll a die to determine if you are hit by a dinosaur (lose one armor token).


After moving or descending for loot, each zeppelin can fire a cannon at another zeppelin or a pterodactyl. A zeppelin can hit an enemy in its own square or an adjacent square on a 4-6, one square away on 5-6, and two squares away on 6.

If a zeppelin is hit, its player discards one armor token. A pterodactyl can only take one hit.

When a player kills a pterodactyl, the player immediately places the pterodactyl's token on any border card that is at least 2 cards from any zeppelin, creating a new pterodactyl.


At the end of a player's round, he chooses one pterodactyl card, flips it face-down, and moves the corresponding pterodactyl. That pterodactyl then attacks the nearest zeppelin. If multiple zeppelins are in range, roll a die.


The first zeppelin that collects 3 treasures wins the game.


If you have questions about Zeppelins vs. Pterodactyls, please post them to the Google+ Community.

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