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Stories of the Lens

Stories of the Lens will be a co-operative, GM-less, dice-less storytelling game, in which a team of special galaxy patrollers face seemingly impossible odds and defeat them, all within 2 hours.

The heroes have each been given a Lens, a powerful item embedded in one hand. With the Lens, they can sense danger, communicate telepathically over great distances, and even understand alien technology.

The game will include a rough Hollywood story structure to follow.

This game is currently in active development. There were play tests on 19 July 2014 and 24 July 2014.


The following is the first play test of the game.


The following is the second play test of the game. This one ran without plot points or conflict points, as a completely “mechanic-free” game (well, as “mechanic-free” as a game can ever get).


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