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I Bet You Want To Know About Eva Wu.

Name: Eva Wu, née Kowalczykowa.

Age: 34

People She Knows

  • Husband: 1.巫 江依 (Wu Jiangyi), an archaeologist looking into the Zheng He treasure ships
  • Older Daughter: 香李 (Xiangli) or Sara; 12
  • Younger Daughter: 小月 (Xiaoyue) or Rosa; 7

Some Sisters: eventually.

Not Family
  • Press Friends: Noor Maha; Dave Sebastian; Rachel Sackey
  • Research Pals: Kyle Matts; Edith Sanders


Previous job was at Pandora Company, and her boss was Mary-Jo Lewins. Eva, at this job, made, researched, and put together magical items that were special order and fulfilled client-required functions.

Current job is at Epsilon group, where the boss is Milo Reinhardt. Eva, at this job, does three things: 1) researchs and sometimes builds magical items; 2) does “magical autopsies” - that is, finds out what happened wrong with a magic after it went bad or something sploded, and 3) deals with the press, so that Milo does not have to put techies in front of the camera.

She Has A Story About Her

She was born in '98, and grew up in the US. Magic started happening when she was young, and when she was about 8, a favorite teacher of hers got magic powers and was pulled from the school. Eva was distraught, and her parents counseled her to do research on magic asa way of dealing with her feelings. Thus began her obsession with research.

She continued research into magical studies throughout school, and when she was in her late teens/early twenties, got a year-long scholarship to study magic and its workings in a Sino-Tibetan magic-studying university in Urumqi. When she returned home, she felt distanced from people around her, as one often does when one has had a long experience others have not. She continued her magic studies and got her BS, Masters, and PhD in magical studies; specifically in Imbuing/Making Objects with Magical Power.

She returned to China in her early twenties and studied there, and met a nice dude called Jiangyi. Married him and went back home to the states - despite repeated offers of remuneration if she stayed - and had two kids. In the States she got a job at Pandora Company, making and researching special-order magical objects. Her older daughter was born in 2020, and the younger was born in 2025.

In 2027, her husband decided to return to China to research the Zheng He treasure ships. He disappeared.

Eva, with two young kids and a new career at Epsilon Group, freaked out just a tad. She put her prodigious research skills to work at investigation in trying to find Jiangyi, and hired a PI. Nothing ever showed up - no sign or anything. Three years later, the Tibetan Forcefield went up and Eva remembered those remunerative offers she and her husband both got some ten years ago.

So now, Eva is researcher-cum-technician-cum-press-person at Epsilon Group, takes care of her kids and teaches them Magical Research Safety (“always wear your lab-goggles and warding charms”), and, in her spare time, collects news and information on the current magical goings-on of the world.

If We Must Be Technical About Aspects And Suchlike


- Research Obsessive

- Distant from Surrounding People

- Has Learnt to Plan Ahead

- Wary/Suspicious



  • languages: Sino-Tibetan
  • Putting Things Together (from crafts to woodwork to electronics to artisan stuff)


  • negotiating/diplomacy


  • research skills
  • history
  • home ec
  • tai chi
  • adaptability
  • urban navigator
  • streetwise
  • bureaucracywise
  • investigation
  • money management
  • time management
  • knowledge of magical news/world goings-on

You Are Dying To Know How She Got These Aspects and Skills, Aren't You?

Aspect 1

Her first aspect is from her youth; when Eva was a kid, a favorite teacher of hers got pulled from school because she (the teacher) developed magic powers. Little!Eva was devestated, as children can be, and her parents, to help her understand why it'd happeend, encouraged her to do some research into magic. Evw, being Eva, threw herself into research, and thus, her aspect of this time was Research Obsession.

The skills she had or developed beginning then were: craftwork/putting things together, research skills, languages, history, and home ec.

Aspect 2

Her second aspect is from her late teens/early twenties; Eva-in-her-late-teens/early-twenties got a scholarship to a Sino-Tibetan magic-studying university, possibly in Urumqi. It was a year long, and when she got back home she realized she felt Distanced From The People Surrounding Her, since they had not had her same experiences and assumed or thought things she no longer did.

The skills she had or developed then were: languages (Sino-Tibetan), adaptability, streetwise(ness), tai chi, and urban navigation.

Aspect 3

Her third aspect is from her twenties. Eva went back to China (I think Urumqi!) and met her future husband and married him. Then they moved back to the States, as she did not want to start/raise a family in China, and they were thinking of kids. They had those kids: one in 2020, and one in 2025. Thus they Learned to Plan Ahead, as one often does with a family.

The skills she had or developed then were: time management, negotiating skills/diplomacy, languages: Sino-Tibetan, putting things together, as she continued her study), and money management.

Aspect 4

Her fourth aspect is from recentlyish. Two years after her second daughter was born, her husband headed back to China to research some magic surrounding Zheng He's treasure ships. He disappeared from everyone's radar in 2027. Eva became Wary (as she and her husband had both gotten offers from Tibet's magicians to come and participate in Something, and as the PI she hired never foudn any info where husband had gone), and when the Tibetan Forcefield went up, she became even more Suspicious, nigh paranoid, because she had two small kids and worked in Maigcal Studies.

Also, in this bracket, Eva got her PhD in Imbuing Created Things With Magical Powers.

The skills she had or developed then were: negotiating/diplomacy, bureaucracywise (as opposed to streetwise), investigation, putting things together, and knowledge of magical news.

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