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Thane's Landing

Thane's Landing is a thriving city of trade, mostly by connecting Blackport to the southwest with the cities to the north and east. Well known for its nightlife and festivals.

It is the primary residence of Lord Henry and Lady Margery Bedford (nee Heathcote), and their teenage children Joan, Ella, and John. Their crest is a black eagle on a field of blue. They also control the nearby towns of King's Hill, Queenstown, and Blackhill.

People of Note

Steward: Millicent Spinster - in her forties, having lived in the castle all her life (was apprenticed here as a young child as a maid). She's very close to Lord Henry and Lady Margery, and is now quite wealthy. There are rumors that she's actually Lord Henry's illegitimate sister.

Bailiff: James Black - serious, somewhat shifty, scar on face. Been bailiff for 7 years, after two years as a guard; former man-at-arms guarding caravans.He's married (his third wife); his grown daughter lives in the city while his son died in a riding accident. Both former wives died in childbirth.

Reeve: Alison Farrow is a pretty, charming young woman who's already lived a life filled with romance and adventure. In her teens, she was kidnapped by an evil cult known as the Dark. While there, she was the only one brave enough to confront them about their behavior, leading to the group quietly disbanding and letting her go. She then spent several years as a sailor, where her ship was overtaken by pirates and she joined their crew, falling in love with their captain. A few years thereafter she left the pirate life and washed up in Thane's Landing with a pile of money, and once that ran out she lucked into the position of reeve.

Castellan: Robert Summers (confident, handsome, and arrogant)

Horse Merchant: Rose Hachet (boastful, eager, and a gambler), late 30's, who runs Hachet Stables, a large ranch/farm combine with a lot of sway in the area. Very wealthy. Note that there's a permanent anti magic field on the stables and barns (magic spooks the animals).

Cloth Merchant: Giles of Teos (materialistic, insightful, and vain), mid-50's, balding, overweight and typically dressed in dark purple. Not a particularly pleasant man but smart enough to stay on people's good sides.

Alehorn Patrons

Alston Stumbleduck is a Gnomish bard who regularly plays the Alehorn. He is average height for a gnome, with well quaffed blond hair and a robin-hood-esque goatee and handlebar mustache. He sings and plays both the lute and the hurdy-gurdy, and greatly enjoys elven wines. He travels between the nearby towns and cities and will usually only be in one place for a week or so.

Jheri Drachedandion, or Jheri Broken-Fang, is a large dragonborn with bright bronze scales. She stands slightly smaller than most dragonborn, at about 6'1“ and bears a scar that gave her her nickname, a large gash running across the left side of her snout that broke several fangs and gave her a bit of a permanent scowl. She never talks about her background, but the most common rumors are she was either a pirate and retired, was a highly paid mercenary, or found wealth in the yaun-ti ruins to the north. She likes to drink spiced wines and meads, and loves to try the different cheeses the Alehorn brings in.

Sir Alistair Brighton is a former captain of the town guard. Still strong of build and with salt and pepper hair, he likes to spend his evenings at the Alehorn watching the bards and other entertainment while drinking fine liqueur.

Amber Fireforge is a freckled redheaded mountain dwarf, and one of Tessia's best friends. Amber owns a smithy (known as Fireforged) in Thanes landing, and loves to come to the Alehorn to eat, drink, and forget about the stresses of the day. She is still considered young and lively at 60 years of age, and will drink just about any beer you put in front of her.(but she does have a penchant for beers of her mountain kin)

Thamior Strongbow is a half elf ranger who hunts the forests around Thanes landing. He is of average build, with medium length, well groomed silver hair. He usually drinks wine, but his guilty pleasure is dwarven spirits.

Grubs is a assumedly homeless gnome. No one is sure how he gets the money to drink as much as he does, but he always has enough money to get pleasantly drunk off bottom shelf booze. He gets thrown out regularly, but always ends up back at the bar.


The Black Hag is something of a dive bar, run by the dwarf Marilla (plain, strong-minded, and even-tempered) and her brother Matthew (shy, loyal, and thoughtful). It's often a loud and raucous place, but Marilla keeps things from getting too out of hand. it's popular with day laborers, caravan guards, and those who sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Marilla and Matthew recently adopted Anne, a feisty, imaginative red-haired human girl of about 10 who serves drinks and food, and who is the darling of the regulars. Nobody touches Anne.

The Silver Goose is a huge single-floor establishment, popular with locals, attracting a wide spectrum of patrons, including families. This is partly because it is run by a couple with seven children, all of whom help out with some aspect of running the tavern. It's a boisterous, upbeat place; always slightly chaotic but in a warm way.

The Alehorn is run by a minotaur family, and offers upper-scale food and drinks. They're well known for the organized fights that occur behind the tavern. Some of their most expensive drinks include a 1375 Sword Coast cabernet and a dwarven double-distilled whiskey.

The Silver Heron up the street is run by Anna Fairchild, a large tiefling woman, and famous for its fish.

Whiteoak Tavern is one of the better taverns in the city, but it really comes alive at night. The upper rooms are often reserved by private parties, who often get increasingly boisterous as the night goes on, which is usually matched or exceeded by the atmosphere downstairs. Regular patrons talk of a competition between upstairs and downstairs over who has the better (and louder) night. The servers are all well-constructed flesh golems in maid outfits.

The Queen's Shepherd is a very high-end tavern with a magical element. It consists of two rooms, an outside terrace and a lounge, in an unusual Victorian style, and serves delicious food teleported in from around the world. The windows in the lounge are enchanted to show views from the cuisines featured on the menu, which change to a new location every 13 minutes and 13 seconds. The rich and famous sit on the terrace so they can see and be seen, while much important business is done in the lounge. All of the staff are eladrin.


The Thousand Year Inn is a large establishment next to the Alehorn, run by Marissa and Matthew Miller until they were kidnapped by Duergar.

The Shepherd King is a humble but pleasant inn with only a few rooms. It has a small garden and half a dozen bedrooms. Its owner is notoriously mysterious but friendly.

The Bloody Rose is a large inn initially notorious for its cheap furnishings and horrible service. A major altercation between rival street gangs here led to the murder of an innocent server and made the place famous. It's now garishly decorated with a murder theme.

The Goblin Queen is another larger inn run entirely by goblins. While goblins are often the target of fear and mistrust, these goblins are hard-working and honest. Two call themselves the Goblin King and Goblin Queen; the King is responsible for ordinary guests while the Queen takes care of special guests. Prices here are quite reasonable and accommodations straightforward but comfortable.

Other Places of Note

The castle is called Honor's Hold.

South of that is High Street.

One of the better-known places to find ladies and gentlemen of negotiable affection is the Silver Harem.


The spring Festival of Splendor. People splurge on expensive things, many of which are discounted for the festival, like chocolates, pastries, cloth, clothing, and jewelry. The festival is also known for its horse auction and the Queen's Race (of horses). This coincides with the birthday of Queen Astoria, for whom Queenstown is named.

Summer Children's Fair. The local children all take on jobs or perform in plays, so the bakers' children all bake special breads and treats and sell them from stalls during the festival.

Autumn Festival of the Hunt, notable for the slaughter of livestock, or “the Great Slaughter,” which usually causes a considerable amount of chaos. After the murder of the local cleric and an outbreak of the undead some years ago, the city started a new tradition. After the harvest, a ceremony is held in which one corpse is crowned as the new King of Thane, and is placed into a chest-like structure called a “traveller's chest,” which is sealed from the outside. A temporary wicker “fort” called the “dead hole” is also constructed in front of the castle. The King of Thane is carried through the town and left in the center of the dead hole. Everyone who dies in the following month is put within the dead hole, and then, at the end of the month, all the bodies are finally buried.

Chalica, a winter festival where people wear elaborate, intricate costumes and dance in public, along with public feasting paid for by the nobles. Every night for 3 nights, a chalice on every table is filled with magically infused alcohol and ignited. Dances include “The Dance of the Fishes” and “Winter's War with the Sea.”

These festivals are also celebrated to lesser degrees in nearby towns.

Thane's Landing also hosts the annual Dragon Hunt. This commemorates a time many years ago when a flight of dragons were driven out of the city.


Thane's Landing


Honor's Hold

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