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Best known for its brewery, The Bully, and its many historic buildings. It was a major base camp for the Black brothers and an early settlement. When the Bloody Queen escaped from prison she stayed here until the Battle of the Long Pikes and her spectacular death.

The town is governed by a council of elders, whose weekly meetings often turn into drunken brawls.

The big problems with Queenstown include a high crime rate, narrow streets, and lack of inns.

Nearby lies the Old Fire Shrine, A ring of broken black stone lying within an area of scorched earth. It was once a shrine to honor Nellaser, Cleric of Fire, but was destroyed by adventurers several years ago.


Rancis: Male Human Aristocrat. Rancis has curly gray hair and amber eyes, and a sharp nose. He wears fine raiment and jewelry.

Gail: Female Human Fighter with gray hair and bright gray eyes. She wears banded mail and wields a military pick and heavy crossbow. Gifu is searching for a legendary blade named Nightblade.

Cy: Male Elven Peddler. with silver hair and narrow gray eyes. He wears travel-stained clothing and riding boots. Cy sometimes has a magical trinket to sell.

Vyncis: Male Human Bookseller. Vyncis has a long face, with gray hair and dark blue eyes. He wears modest garments and a white cloak. Vyncis is known for his work translating draconic tomes.

Margery: Female Human Peddler. Marger has black hair and soft amber eyes, and a distinctive tattoo on her face. She wears modest garments and a wooden holy symbol. Marger is known for her impossible luck.

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