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King's Hill

Best known for its taverns, like the Brothers of Justice, the Fiery Gourd near Hearthfire Tower, and the Strawberry Punch, King's Hill benefits from trade between Thane's Landing to the south and Blackhill to the north. It's home to “The King's Knights” – more ceremonial than martial these days – who are famously touchy about their honor.

The town is run by Tom the mayor, a rotund gentleman who's always nervous. He's always afraid that the King's Knights will get out of hand.

The town's chief output is its Kingfine Wool.



Hearthfire Tower was founded many years ago by a circle of wizards who were deeply interested in dragons. The tallest building in King's Hill, some say that actual dragon bones were used in its foundations. The wizards' plot to create more dragons went badly awry when they were betrayed by the very dragons with whom they were allied, and the eggs they had created were lost. Today, Hearthfire Tower is primarily a school for children, and arguably the best one outside of the capital, though its adult teachers also perform a fair amount of magical research.


The Fiery Gourd is a higher-class tavern famous for its mixed drinks, particularly its namesake, an intensely sour drink which is lit on fire briefly before serving. Most of their drinks are strong and the atmosphere usually stays jovial. It's one of the town's major watering holes, and typically where teenagers studying at Hearthfire Tower get their first “real” drink. Its proprietor, Marcus, is an odd man famous for his strange fare, including the infamous Chirpy Sloppy Wursts, the Fiery Gourd Cake with Hot Cheese Frosting and the amazingly spicy Flaming Bread.

Strawberry Punch tavern is geared towards children, serving a lot of sweetened stews, chicken, and sweet breads. It serves no alcohol and is run by four men. Spellcasters often weave through the crowds performing simple “rainbow routines,” simple magic spells intended primarily to be pretty.

The town's largest inn, The Crown, is a welcoming place with a large common room (often booked for weddings). The King's Knights often gather here to tell stories of their exploits (which are half-believed by the townsfolk).

Near the center of town stands the mayor's house, a two-story Gothic building with a slanted red roof and a gargoyle on top. An actual gargoyle. He just likes it up there. His name's Cedric. The mayor's house is famously stuffed full of weapons, so much so that it's a little hard to get around in there.

On another rise near the center of town stands the ruins of Understone Castle, where King Tarin III was crowned and the town got its name. It's a crumbling ruin now, but the King's Knights want to turn it into a memorial.

High Street contains the most popular shops in King's Hill, including:

  • Rings and Things – jewelry and small magic items. Ashley Macmillan, proprietor
  • Mage Threads – robes, bags, pouches, cases, and belts. Benson Skinner, proprietor
  • Misdirected Wishes – hodgepodge of items. Ada Corvin, proprietor
  • The Sorcerer's Secret – wands and weapons. Lydianna “The Whip,” proprietor
  • Like New – repairs of magic items. Ezekiel Wellman-Tapper, proprietor
  • The Spell Exchange – scrolls and magical research services. Randall “Randy” Morgan, proprietor
  • The Crystal Beaker – alchemical services, equipment, and supplies. Tilly Redmoon, proprietor
  • The Dipped Pen – high-quality paper, ink, pens, and writing paraphernalia. Lucius Modesto, proprietor
  • Nature's Remedies – herbs, natural remedies, and some spell components. Felmyr and Marcus, proprietors
  • Healing Draughts – potions, mostly healing. Tamar, proprietor


Dame Aquila Foecleaver, female human paladin of the King's Knights. Aquila has a long, harsh face with an aquiline nose and a regal bearing. She's rarely seen not in full plate armor. She desperately wants the King's Knights to go help Thane's Landing.

Sir Orin the Faithful, male dwarf of the King's Knights. The more moderate faction of the King's Knights will follow his lead.

Bradha: Female elf ranger; vulgar. Bradha has a square face, with brown hair and soft gray eyes. She wears banded mail and wields a short sword and short bow. She's witness to a band of the Mad Duke's army holed up in a trashed farmhouse north of town.

Sigurd: Male Dwarf Scholar. Sigurdhas gray hair and gray eyes, and small ears. He wears tailored clothing and a feathered hat.

Marnie: Female Human Merchant. Marniehas a long face, with gray hair and green eyes. She wears plain clothing and carries a long knife. Marniehas an animal companion, a tawny rat named Oweth.

Cyne: Male Human Thief. Cyne has golden hair and soft green eyes, and numerous horrific scars. He wears leather armor and wields a dagger and sling.

Kathon: Female Human Cleric, Good. Kathon is short and willowy, with thin golden hair and light green eyes. She wears chain mail and wields a club named Evan. Kathon is perceptive and soft-hearted.

Cenibald: Male Human Priest. Cenibald has cropped silver hair and soft hazel eyes. He wears modest garments and a sling of vials and potions. Cenibald has a terrible sense of direction.


The town was primarily a wilderness fortification until it got its name about 150 years ago, where it was the location of the Iron Fist training camps during the First War and subsequent War for the Atlas. The 13-year-old prince who won the decisive battle here was crowned King Tarin III in the town itself.

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