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Originally a remote outpost for the Black brothers, now a thriving town on the edge of the wilderness. The locals do a lot of black market dealings with the barbarians, orcs, and yuan-ti to the north. Religious fanaticism runs strong here, too. Blackhill is now within the domain of the Mad Duke.

Blackhill is now mostly recovered from a recent series of attacks by a nearby orc tribe, which has made dealings with nearby orcs much more difficult.


Gunter's Anvil: A neglected blacksmith's workshop, built within the walls of an old iron tower.

The Guildhall: An ornate building of half-timbered walls, once an aristocrat's manor, now much worn. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared among several local merchant guilds.


Morden leads the Companions of the Sword. Once a shaman of a nearby barbarian tribe, he murdered several members of his tribe, left all his possessions and money behind, and formed the Cult in the wilderness. He since brought it to Blackhill where he foments rebellion against the Mad Duke.

Morden initially clashed with another cult leader named Futhark, but when Futhark was captured during a battle with the Mad Duke's forces, he came to believe Futhark to be his brother and joined the cults together.

To fight the Mad Duke, a special type of black magical equipment called the Blacksword was created. It is said that whoever wields it gains the power of a dragon.