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Welcome to Brent P. Newhall's Musaeum of Fantastic Wonders, a repository for Brent's tabletop gaming materials.

RPGs Released

  • Ability Score - A generic system that combines D&D's ability scores and modifiers with Apocalypse/Dungeon World's 2d6 mechanic
  • Blood Rites - A dark fantasy game of savagery and blood magic
  • DROP - An SF story-writing game of survival horror
  • Dungeon Delvers - An ultra-portable D&D variant designed to fit in your pocket
  • Dungeon Raiders - A retroclone of Original and First Edition D&D, with streamlined mechanics
  • Favored of Star Patrol - A tabletop story game of daring space opera in the tradition of E.E. “Doc” Smith's Lensman series
  • The Grand Conspiracy - A tabletop RPG of “ordinary” people investigating THE TRUTH.
  • Gunwave - A tactical tabletop RPG of sci-fi warfare with giant robots and the angsty teens who pilot them
  • High School Hearts - A tabletop story-telling game of high school relationships
  • MurderHobos - A tabletop RPG of adventurers who kill things and take their stuff
  • New Troubles - A simple tabletop RPG resolution system adaptable for many settings, where die rolls are more about getting what you want and suffering setbacks than “success” or “failure”
  • PaperMasters - A 200-word tabletop RPG of bibliomancers who use their absolute control of paper to find rare books
  • Spaces of the Unknown - A fantasy RPG built for play-by-post gaming
  • Steel and Flame - A sword-and-sorcery RPG that combines Barbarians of Lemuria with pieces of Fate
  • Stories of the Lens - A science fiction space opera RPG inspired by E.E. “Doc” Smith's Lensman series.
  • Tricks and Treats - A Halloween-themed tabletop RPG about trick-or-treaters, using candy as its primary mechanic
  • Uneven Wings - A tabletop RPG where players bid tokens to win competitions and achieve goals. Plays anywhere, with any mix of tokens.
  • Weasels! - A one-page RPG system, winner of the Twitter RPG Design Competition
  • The Whispering Road - A game of cooperation and exploration in a fantasy world, inspired by the films of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. Its Kickstarter was funded within 5 hours and ended at 13x its goal.

RPGS in Development

  • The Burned Future - A tabletop RPG set in a post-apocalyptic future of fantastic savagery, mysticism, and super science.
  • Dance of the Leash - A game of nobles in a decadent court, risking their attention, power, and control.
  • A Fantastic Journey to Mars - A tabletop RPG of Jules Verne-style adventures to Mars
  • Pique - A card-based tabletop RPG, focusing on court intrigue
  • Serial Experiment Jump - Notes on an experimental system of time-jumping adventurers
  • TabletTop - A tablet/phone-based RPG, still in early design stages

Other Tabletop Games in Development

  • Conspiracy Theory - A card game of aliens vying for control of the media
  • They Conquered the World! - A card game of B-movie monsters trying to take over American cities, and the people trying to stop them
  • Day of the Barrels - A board game suspiciously similar to Donkey Kong

Other Tabletop Games Released

  • 3 Dice Dungeon - A solitaire dungeon crawl game
  • AutoWar - A modern, open tactical car combat game inspired by Car Wars
  • Tabletop Conquest - A solo dice wargame, where you command a medieval army and conquer a randomly-generated foreign land
  • Zeppelins vs Pterodactyls - A board/card game of zeppelins, adventure, treasure, and pterodactyls with head-mounted cannons


  • The OSR Handbook - A guide to 28 Old School Renaissance systems, including profiles, basic mechanics and stats, and stereotypical characters statted out in each system.



  • Bounty Hunter Blues - A Fiasco playset in the Cowboy Bebop universe
  • The City of Talon - A published fantasy sandbox setting (107 pages)
  • The Long Desert - A mini-setting with several Dyson Logos maps, half a dozen new monsters, and several factions all vying for pieces of a prize. Easy to drop into an existing setting and adjust to your liking.
  • Mystery of the Shattered World - An old-school D&D campaign setting of many islands and three kingdoms struggling for dominance.
  • News of the Empire - A Victorian steampunk setting for Risus, as a one-page newspaper
  • Voidjumpers of Space - A re-imagining of Spelljammer for D&D 4E (56 pages)


Campaign Archives

Brent also runs the Fantasy RPG Design Challenge, which ends 30 April 2016.

All demo videos are on the Demos page. Want to help playtest Brent's games? Head over to the Saturday Playtest.

You can also read Brent's Gamer Resume, and his 50 Games in 50 Weeks challenge.

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