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This page provides demo videos for Brent's games.

The Burned Future

The Burned Future is a tabletop RPG set in a post-apocalyptic future of fantastic savagery, mysticism, and super science.

First Playtest

Second Playtest

This version included mechanics for critical hits and critical misses.


Bounty Hunter Blues

Bounty Hunter Blues is a Fiasco playset in the Cowboy Bebop universe.


Dungeon Delvers

Dungeon Delvers is an ultraportable D&D variant designed to be played wherever you are.


A Fantastic Journey to Mars

This is a storytelling game in the style of Lady Blackbird, in which a group of Jules Verne-style Victorian characters travel to Mars.


Stories of the Lens

This is a co-operative, GM-less, dice-less storytelling game, in which a team of special galaxy patrollers face seemingly impossible odds and defeat them, all within 2 hours.


The Whispering Road

Kaze is a tabletop RPG inspired by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

First Playtest

The following videos are the first playtest, which was played as three sessions.




Second Playtest

This is a single, two-hour game that demonstrates the shorter, 3-act rules for Kaze (though we actually finished it in 2 acts).


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