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I am David Roscoe 'Ozzy' Osbourne, a former Army Ranger turned mercenary operator. I was born in 2000 as the child of a journalist and a career Army officer. I grew up a typical Army brat with an older brother (Marcus) and a younger sister (Laura). I disliked watching dad deploy a lot, but did eventually learn to enjoy moving around, even though it was usually to rougher areas of the world.

After high school, my brother went off to West Point while I enlisted in 2017, much to father's disapproval. I was promoted quickly and showed enough promise to be sent to Ranger School in 2019. Right afterwards, my team participated in the African Quarantine, and later other clandestine jobs around the world. I've seen a lot a weird things and been to a lot of out of the way places, where we always seemed to have a vague or strange mission, and it always seems to be the middle of the night. Where most squads always seemed to run into some trouble or take even minor casualties during their missions, my teams always seemed to pull through even the most complex and dangerous missions completely unscathed.

Recently - At the end of my 6 year contract (2023), instead of going to West Point, I got out of the Army and signed on with a contractor company, Aegis Solutions.  They let me do what I want when not working, but I'm usually traveling the world on assignment. Ironically, the missions haven't changed much, I'm just getting paid way better for my services and skills, and don't have to put up with the bureaucratic BS. I specialize in covert operations, reconnaisance and protected transportation.


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