Brent P. Newhall's Résumé

Work History

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Sep. 2018

Capital One (McLean VA) — Lead instructor for multiple 6-month cohorts of software developer bootcamp. Update curriculum and train software developers.

  • Taught several dozen classes on a range of technical topics, including JavaScript, SQL, API development, AJAX, and relational and non-relational databases.
  • Led restructuring of highly technical multimedia curriculum content into an adult-oriented learning curriculum.
  • Gave presentation to over 300 Capital One associates during an internal conference.
Oct. 2015

Luav (Fairfax VA) — Develop Ruby on Rails website for credit monitoring services. Build financial coaching website in PHP. Update documentation.

  • Collaborated with financial experts to create financial coaching plan and website.
  • Site processed hundreds of customers, with capacity to process thousands per day.
  • Integrated with Experian APIs in a highly controlled and regulated financial environment.
  • Updated over 10 SOPs for compliance with highly regulated Experian environment.
May 2018
Mar. 2013 contractor (Herndon VA) — Build reports on documentation data, displaying trends over time for a wide variety of customers.

  • Within one month, built a dashboard displaying 10 visualizations of documentation trends.
  • Updated PHP/MySQL-based documentation tracking website with features to gather metrics more effectively.
  • Wrote automated spreadsheet scheduled to save thousands of dollars per data center installation.
  • Wrote Python scripts to automate regular tasks and parse data, using git as source code control.
Nov. 2014
May 2012

LogiXML (McLean VA) — Train customers in use of company's business intelligence reporting products, using web-based and client-based tools, as well as database software. Write training documents and record videos. Extensive traveling.

  • Traveled 2-3 times a month on solo training engagements, working with small and large businesses. Trained up to 8 students at a time in engagements from 4 hours to 9 days.
  • Wrote and starred in over 50 training videos.
  • Assisted in set-up of video recording studio, including HD video, hardware mixer, video screen capture, green screening, and editing in Adobe Premiere CS6.
  • Developed two training labs, involving extensive product knowledge and documentation.
Feb. 2013
Aug. 2010

NASA contractor (Greenbelt MD) — Web developer and technical lead.

  • Maintained office website
  • Built and maintained video contest website.
  • Executive-produced a CGI/live-action short film involving the Optimus Prime character.
  • Led integration of new technology reporting system.
Apr. 2012
Nov. 2008

MTS (Frederick MD) — Technical trainer and webmaster.

  • Developed and presented multi-module technical training system and documentation.
  • Rewrote and deployed office website from scratch.
Aug. 2010
Mar. 2008

Freelancing (Leesburg VA) — Web developer

  • Developed high-impact websites using a variety of languages, and tutored individuals in web design and programming.
  • Actively used HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, C++, Python, and Perl.
Nov. 2008
Jan. 2007

Loudoun County Adult Education (Loudoun County VA) — Instructor

  • Created and taught 3 Adult Education night classes in website design, programming, Web 2.0, and writing.
Dec. 2010
Feb. 2007 Applied Tactics (Purcelville VA) — (side project) Senior ASP programmer, sole developer for Kidville. Mar. 2007
Sep. 2002

Rockwell Collins STS (Sterling VA) — Tech writer and Lead on B1 CM

  • Updated hundreds of tech manuals for Air Force B1 bomber simulator, and was lead on B1 CM effort.
  • Maintained and administered Linux and Solaris systems. Automated CM with numerous Perl and bash scripts.
  • Built custom internal PHP websites.
  • Automated data conversion from CostPoint into PDM and SAP.
  • On-site PDM "super-user," training others in use of PDM and solving data problems.
Mar. 2008
Sep. 2000

Intersect Software (Sterling VA) — Java Developer and Tech Writer

  • Sole maintainer of online help system.
  • Assisted in developing bleeding-edge Java software, using MVC concepts.
Jan. 2002
Dec. 1999 (internet side project) — Author

  • Created and maintained website of BeOS-related content, including writing weekly newsletters and writing dozens of technical tutorials.
Dec. 2000
Feb. 1999

Papyrus (internet side project) — Editor of web fiction magazine.

  • Accepted and rejected fifty SF/F short stories each week, with explanatory rejection letters for each.
  • Built and maintained website.
Aug. 1999
Dec. 1998

Litton/PRC (Tyson's Corner VA) — Software engineer.

  • On U.S. Army project, programmed optical jukeboxes in C, maintained web-based document retrieval application (incorporating CGI, Java, JavaScript, and HTML) on Unix and Solaris.
Sep. 2000
July 1998

IBA (Reston VA) — ASP and Oracle developer

  • Developed ASP back-end for website development.
  • Helped generate MS Access databases.
Nov. 1998
June 1997

Fairfax County Adult Education (Fairfax County VA) — Instructor

  • Taught Visual Basic programming courses for Adult Education.
May 1998


Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science at George Mason University (attended September 1995 through April 1998), graduating on the honor roll.






Phone:  703-470-1289 (cell)