The city of Talon is a crowded, cramped, bustling nexus of business and travelers, set on the western coast of the continent of Torria. Nestled at the junction of two major rivers, where a quirk in the riverbeds creates the talon shape that the city is named after, this is a port-of-call for hundreds of merchants, and the home of a thriving local economy.

The Westrush River divides the city into two halves, north and south. The junction of Westrush and its tributary, Walking, forms the center of the city.

Talon is run by Duke Malinare, a rather severe gentleman in his 50's, who's been ruling Talon for over 30 years. Under his guidance, a merely bustling town has become a major business hub. Many whisper that this is because of deals Malinare has struck with dark powers. Nevertheless, he's a master at running the city, and has plenty of work for everyone to do. Anyone who investigates him soon finds themselves in an audience with him, and offered work cleaning up gangs, illegal animal fight clubs, drug dens, high-stakes gambling, and the ubiquitous white collar crime.

The poorest in the city live in the Bullrushes, in the south-east of the city. While the poverty here can be wretched, Talon thrives on human capital, so many of the filthy children who grew up in the Bullrushes worked their way to success as merchants (and in, er, less reputable pursuits).

The northeast of the city, known as The Hills, houses the well-to-do of the city, nobles and merchants alike (most of the nobility are merchants who call themselves nobles).

To the west, you'll find the innumerable warehouses and homes of the Workers' District, home of Talon's middle class. These homes are certainly a few steps up from the Bullrushes, but remain mostly apartments above shops, townhouses, and the like. A far cry from the walled, manicured gardens and estates of The Hills, and everyone knows it.

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