This is the record for the 25 July 2009 session of the Crimes of Talon D&D 4E campaign.

XP for bad guys:

Pale guy (initial combattant): 1200 XP
Neogi: 500 XP
Kruthik (enslaved by Neogi): 175 XP
Brambletree Dakkar Guard: 400 XP
Vizier Snaketail: 700 XP

Draft sections below:

Julian's Record (Gregg)

Since the battle was feirce and in close quarters, to Julian it was just a big blurr, however she knows that she assisted in battling

  • the main bad guy (pale vampire guy (1200/3 = 400xp)
  • assisted in squashing a couple of Kruthik (enslaved by Neogi).((175/2) x 2 = 175xp)
  • battled Neogi (150/3 = 50xp)
  • I saved Uriel from certian death by intervining just before a bad guy was about to deliver the fatal blow;

a totally in character action. (500xp)

  • I healed one of the theives so he could help in the battle. (300xp)
  • I also healed the dwarf. (300xp)
  • I also retrieved the staff that is able to kick the boote of John Big Boote. :-)

So 400+175+50+500+300+300= 1,725xp

DM accepts 1,725 XP.

Uriel's Record (Kelly)

Baray's Record (Brandon)

Although weary from standing guard all day Baray was still able to pull himself together. With the power of magic at his finger tips he demolished his opposition and proved to be a valuable tactical adviser during battle.

  • Used Ice Storm to finish off the 2 Niogis and immobilized most of the room - (500/3= 167, 500/2= 250, total 417 and 100 for immobilizing)
  • Assisted in pushing around the vampire guy - (?)
  • Assisted in killing of guards - (400 x 3=1200)
  • Cast sleep on the king, Visiar, Locke and his buddy (150)
  • Mustering the courage to teleport into room and grab the staff (this lead to me being left behind) - (250)

And the grand total is… 1100+(vampire guy)+1200+150+250=2700 Exp

The Force is strong with this one.

DM accepts 2,700 XP.

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