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Phone:  703-470-1289 (cell)
Skype:  BrentPNewhall
AIM:  BrentNewhall
Google+:  Brent Newhall
Facebook:  Brent Newhall
LinkedIn:  Brent Newhall
Plaxo:  Brent Newhall
Twitter:  BrentNewhall
FriendFeed:  Brent Newhall  brentnewhall
MySpace:  bnewhall
Calendar:  web page or iCal

A note on my availability: I'm not always connected to the constant thrum of modern communication. I check personal email once a day in the evening, I don't answer my celphone during other face-to-face conversations, and I'm not always near a computer to check IM or Twitter. Of course, you can call/email/IM at any time; I just may not be immediately available.

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