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Spaces of the Unknown

Spaces of the Unknown is a dead simple, light, fantasy role-playing game designed to be played on the internet using the most awesome human invention: the written word.

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Number of players:At least 2, one GM and one or more players with characters
Setup:An online forum, shared email thread, or shared Google doc
Dice:Standard gaming dice, including d20s, d10s, d8s, d6s, and d4s. Recommended for online rolling:
RPG inspiration:Early Dungeons & Dragons and Searchers of the Unknown

The players will explore abandoned and overrun ruins, and reclaim them for civilization.

Don't need a new system? The game includes 6 lairs stocked with monsters, ready for old-school play.

What makes it different than other RPGs?

  • The GM rolls all dice during play.
  • All PCs are fighters (with some ability to cast magic)
  • Spells are typically cast by reading a spell scroll
  • There's no gold and no gold economy
  • When a PC's Hit Points are reduced to 0 or less, the PC is not killed or knocked out; he or she is sidelined. A sidelined PC is still conscious and can grant bonuses to other PCs, but cannot attack for the rest of the fight.

The party levels up as a group, not PCs individually.

Here's what you'll get in this release:

  • A PDF containing all the rules, with maps by Dyson Logos and art by Peter Seckler
  • An .azw3 file for newer Kindles
  • A .mobi file for older Kindles
  • An .epub file for other eReaders
  • An .odt file with all the text, so you can copy-and-paste whatever you need
  • A PDF of character creation that you can send to players (or download it here right now!)
  • A 1-page PDF “cheat sheet” of the game's core rules (or download it here right now!)
  • A 1-page PDF “cheat sheet” of the combat rules in more detail (or download it here right now!)
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