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Major Characters

These are the major characters of the world of Eldeshi (other than the player-characters).

Emperor Giren Astalon

Following the death of Darven Jask IV in the Battle of the Looms 3 months ago, Giren took control of the Golden Throne. Giren is the only person with any remote blood claim to the throne still alive, except for the moderate claims of his half-brother Dozle and his half-sister Kycilia (they were born from a different mother).

Giren is cold, ruthless, and a fervent patriot. His speeches describe a Hanaa once again part of a major empire like in the glory days of Kerala, but this time with Golden Pavan as its capitol.

He has spent most of the past 3 months focusing on rebuilding and re-establishing of normal trade following the devastating Loom Campaigns (which were fought almost entirely on Hanaa soil).

Lady Kycilia Astalon

Lady Kycilia is as serious and patriotic as her brother, but she's demonstrated more empathy. Her reorganization of the army – and especially her expansion of the Aridani – has proceeded with not a single road block. None of the Aridani fault her efficiency, and she's earned quite a few admirers among them.

Indeed, “efficient” is perhaps Kycilia's most noticeable attribute. She meets with her staff morning, noon, and night, and while she's usually brusque, the army has gone from an exhausted rabble to the pride of the people in 3 months.

Lord Dozle Astalon

Lord Dozle is minister of the interior. It may be safely admitted that he is not the cleverest of his peers. He makes up for this with determination and clear-headed action.

A huge man – over 7 feet – and broadly muscled to boot, he is a fearsome sight. His fiery temper doesn't help, though he rarely lets this affect his day-to-day policy and decision-making.

He hasn't yet noticed how effectively Lady Kycilia has become the public face of Dozle's ministry.

Lord Maudling

As head of the most powerful House in Hanaa, responsibility weighs heavily on Maudling's shoulders. He wears this with nobility, though even at 40 years old he's starting to look tired.

Maudling is a remarkably straightforward man, honest in his dealings and quick in his decisions. This has earned him a number of enemies, but quite a few important allies. House Maudling owns large swaths of Hanaa's fields and forests, and that solid land base provides it a stability that many of the more mercantile Houses lack. These lands also give House Maudling a large supply of people to call up in times of need.