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 +====== The Goblin Adventure ======
 +**15 September 2007**
 +The characters heard of an ogre that's been attacking a nearby village. ​ They visited the ogre's cave and fought it.  The ogre killed Kevin, but the combined might of the other players was enough to kill it.  They dragged Kevin'​s body and the head of the ogre back to the town, where they were rewarded by the townspeople. ​ Kevin'​s brother Kyle mourned the death of his brother, then he joined the party. ​ The party returned to the cave, and were joined by several other adventurers.
 +<​[[Zoomboy]]>​ And (the wizard) killed the ogre off all by my self, hehe.
 +**29 September 2007**
 +The party explored the cave further. ​ Deeper in, they encountered and fought several creatures that appeared...different than usual. ​ More aggressive.
 +The party discovered a rope in a pool in a central cavern; evidence that this cave is used by intelligent people. ​ In a small passage, the party found a chest, which when opened revealed four evil dolls that leaped at the party. ​ The dolls went down fairly quickly, and inside the chest was gold, gems, and two ropes with grappling hooks. ​ Huzzah!
 +Player tip:  http://​www.roleplayingtips.com/​readissue.php?​number=374
 +  * Kevin, level 1 Half-Orc Barbarian
 +  * Melissa, level 1 Human Wizard (played by Brandon/​Zoomboy)
 +  * Corrin, level 1 Halfling Rogue (played by Brent)
 +  * Allie James or Alic, level 1 Human Monk
 +  * Excelsior, level 1 Halfing Ranger
 +  * Zarroc, level 1 Half-Elf Ranger
 +  * ...others...
 +<​Zoomboy>​ MELISSA!!!!!!! her name is Jasica Argee and she's a Half Elf .
 +<​Zoomboy>​ most of us are neutral or neutral good
 +<​Zoomboy>​ We are all first level and I'm the only female in the group.