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The Plains refers specifically to a relatively flat, relatively arid area in the center of Torria, though colloquially also refers broadly to the land from the west coast to the mountain range known as the Giant's Pebbles on the east, north of the mountains that stretch across the continent like a belt, up to (but not including) the wild jungles that make up the northern coast of the continent.

Here are the major habitations along the west coast:

The City of Talon is a major center of trade, hugging the west coast at the end of the Westrush river.

Brambletree hugs the west coast north of Talon. It's been ruled by a series of dictators. It's currently ruled by the vicious, petty, but cunning Lord Creum, who is advised by his Vizier, Snaketail. Brambletree has three main temples: one to Melora and Pelor, one to Erathis, and one to Kord. There's also a large shrine to Moradin, and numerous smaller shrines. Brambletree's chief exports are lumber, sea treasures, and exotic trade from across the sea.

To the north of Brambletree lies Bard's Bluff, an old fishing village taken over by Maccus, the bastard son of King Mako, whose kingdom a few hundred miles to the east collapsed upon his death.

Between Bard's Bluff and Brambletree, but further inward, lies Quarry Lane, a village built atop a huge, ancient magical artifact. The female dwarf Solheim runs this town with a practical, no-nonsense air.

Slightly east of Talon lies Deadwater, a small but rapidly-growing village, and Earlslynn, a well-appointed town on a beautiful lake. Earlslynn has traditionally been a vacation home for nobles, and also sports a large arts community. Earlslynn is run by a town council.

Further east along the Westrush lies Fallon, an old city recently re-fortified by its new ruler, Galan. Galan was the third legitimate child of King Mako, who went out adventuring and settled in Fallon.

South of Talon lies Aquilegia, once a proud city, now a struggling town. It's run by Lord Visal, an Eladrin who took a wife (Lady Shana, King Mako's only daughter) and decided to settle down in the middle world. He runs Aquilegia fairly and well, but with almost ruthless efficiency. Lady Shana has thus far not produced an heir, and is rumored to have fits of rage and bury herself in magical research. There are also a few dozen lesser nobles in this town of about 5,000 residents.

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