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This town of about 5,000 is well-situated around a natural bay, and it's built like an amphitheater, such that the sea is visible from almost anywhere in Brambletree. The town itself is surrounded by a massive wall of black and grey stone, studded with towers and topped by red and yellow flags flapping in the wind. Drakes wheel and screech over the glittering harbor. There are street vendors everywhere most days, and quite a lot of guards wearing dark greys and quite a bit of armor.

Brambletree was a mediocre, out-of-the-way port since the height of Nerath, but its recent lords have done much to improve its infrastructure and trade. It has flourished in the past decade.

Brambletree is run by Lord Creum, who has a Vizier, the Tiefling Snaketail.

The town has a large, well-equipped army of about 500 and a robust city watch. Crime is almost non-existent in Brambletree, thanks to the stocks and cages in the larger courtyards.


On a pier sticking out into the bay is the huge stone Temple of the Waves. It is dedicated to Melora and Kord, and run by Cassandra, the High Priestess of Melora, and Sano, the High Priest of Kord.

The Temple of the Wall in the center of the city is dedicated to Moradin and Erathis, and is run by Cadfael. There are also shrines to all the good gods, and an abandoned temple to Bane.


There are several dozen farms nearby.

There are occasional orc and late-night troglodyte raids, plus plenty of dire creatures.