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This is the record for the 25 July 2009 session of the Crimes of Talon D&D 4E campaign.

Julian's Record (Gregg)

Julian, Uriel and Narin saved the Captain of the Guard at Talon by dispatching the Zombies that were attacking him and also destroying two Wraiths. We then found the Duke who sent us to Brambletree to get the Orb of Aurial to use in taking care of the zombie problem.

Well, Julian led Uriel and Narin to Brambletree get the Orb of Allura to use in dispatching the undead infesting Talon. Upon arriving at the front gate at Brambletree, Julian paid the guard 30 GP to let them into the city. Of course Narin had to take the first chance she could to mouth-off at a guard and get herself thrown into the dungeon. :-) Of course Julian did not lift a finger to stop them, thinking she could follow them to the captain of the guard to try and get an audience with Lord Creum.

Julian separated from Uriel to go with the guards. The guards took Julian to the Captain of the Watch who had someone take her to meet the lady who screens all of Lord Creum's guests. After telling the lady about the zombies at Talon, the lady left Julian in the Parlor to wait for her audience with Lord Creum. Of course she discovered that she was locked in.. which did not bother her since she thought it made sense (from a security point-of-view). However, she was not too happy about the sudden introduction of poisonous gas jetting in from several small cracks in the wall. After plugging the holes and covering her face with a wet towel to minimize the possible effects, she started to walk toward the door when she suddenly heard a large crack and the wall that was behind her exploded into the room into a pile of rubble.

She turned around and as the dust cleared who do you suppose stood there in front of her? Well it was none-other than good ole Narin with a big ole grin on her face. Then we heard this strange music coming from somewhere with weird lyrics such as “Its a small world after all” being repeated endlessly. Thank Bahamut that it finally stopped. We were about to go insane. We thought it was some sort of special torture spell. :-)

We heard the guards approaching and took our places to receive our guests. Juilan of course stood in front of the door (looking all goddess-like) to receive them with open arms and of course her Holy Advenger in her hand. Narin stood on the side of the door smacking the first guard who came through with his magical hand. The remaining two guards entered the room and tried to attack Julian, however they seemed to be more of pair of bumbling fools, since none of them could even come close to hitting her with their blades. So between the two of them, they were able to dispatch them quickly. They of course thought it was quite hilarious that one of the guards was so bad that he actually help them dispatch the captain of the guard. When he swung at Julian, she of course ducked, missing her; he actually ended up taking the head of the captain of the guard clean off his shoulders.

XP earned: Let's see… She took out about 6 zombies in Talon in a single holy blast (Easy = 300) Helped to destroy 2 Wraiths (Moderate = 400) And then helped dispatch 3 bumbling guards (Moderate = 400)

So that would be 300+400+400 = 1100

Plus an additional 300 for playing my character exceptionally well. (after all I did win 2 luck tokens)

Total = 1400.

What do you think DM?

The DM agrees (and fixes a few typos). Julian gains 1400 XP this session.

Uriel's Record (Kelly)

Having emerged from the underground city Julian (Gregg), Narin (Justin), and I headed for the Watch House in order to better understand the current state of the city. We arrived just in time to save one of the guards from a horde of zombies before rushing into the cells at the sound of screaming. Finding that a wraith was the source of the commotion we were not swift enough to dispatch it before it spawned another wraith from the prisoner it held. We had just defeated the wraiths when the other members of the guard returned. After asking them about the state of the city (bad) we proceeded to Duke Malinare to find out what he knew. Narin discovered there was someone on the rooftops following us but they never made an appearance.

When we entered the Duke’s battle room Julian told him about the watcher, but Malinare looked distracted and stated that he had more important concerns. The Duke proposed a mission to the neighboring city of Brambletree in order to obtain the Orb of Allura which is rumored to help in suppressing the undead. However it was obvious that his mind was elsewhere and that he didn’t tell us the full truth about what he knew concerning the city or the orb. Julian prayed to her god Bahamut for guidance in the matter before we agreed to accept, then we received information on the town and it’s ruler before setting out for supplies. Narin and Julian were able to find a store that was still functional at 3am in the fiery mess of the city from which to purchase merchandise while I proceeded to “liberate” three horses from a stable for our ride to Brambletree.

We arrived at Brambletree after half a day’s ride and Julian paid the gate fee of 30 gold. Once inside Narin patronized a guard, and despite my best attempts at diplomacy ended up sounding suspicious and was hauled off to prison…where she met interesting people. Julian pretended not to know Narin and I, allowing us to split up and go separate ways unmolested. While Julian left with the guards to meet their Captain I proceeded to hire a gossipy guide to take me around the city and give me information. He revealed that a delegation of unknown creatures was currently meeting with the ruler Creum, as well as some interesting tidbits about Creum’s vizir, his tastes in tribute, rise to power, and general welfare of the city. After finding me a nice Inn I let the guide know I would be interesting in being kept informed of the goings on in the city, particularly the delegation currently meeting with Creum. Once he left I set off for the temple of Pelor/Melora.

Intending to find research stating that the Orb of Allura was only effective against the undead and then convince Creum that since it wasn’t usefully to him I would appreciate having it (roughly), I arrived at the Temple. After giving a brief description of my goal to a priest/acolyte at the entrance I requested use of the temple’s library. The priest/acolyte led me down some steps to a dark room, the door of which he closed behind me. As there was no light I called up my Holy Lantern and discovered he had left me in a storage room. Using my cloak I stepped through the wall and confronted the thoroughly surprised young man as to why, when I had asked to use the Library, he had proceeded to leave me in a storage closet. He then led me to his superior and bumbled an explanation before being dismissed. After restating my case to his superior she assured me that such would not happen again and offered to let me find a girl who could help me. I responded that as I had just been left in a storage cabinet I was not inclined to believe that this girl wasn’t a wild goose chase just to be rid of me and requested that she be summoned instead of me having to traipse off and find her. The girl was brought forth and led me to another room. Seeing that this also wasn’t the library I attempted to back out only to find that there was a magic force field in place. Finding that I couldn’t phase out with my cloak I knocked the girl prone and demanded to know what was going on with the people at this temple. Having known that Pelor and Melora were both against the undead I thought it strange that their advocates were trying to thwart me in my attempts to kill said undead. The girl replied that “Mistress told me to kill you” and we proceeded to fight.

About half-way through the whole affair I suddenly found myself in a large, dark room. An old, nondescript face appeared faintly outlined in blue and asked why I was here. I replied as I had twice before; that I was here to research objects that could vanquish the undead and was confused as to why the followers of Pelor/Melora were interposing themselves. The face told me that I was no longer at the temple, to which I asked where had I been taken? (I forget the answer though… “To my realm” or some such I think as my next question was “And who are you?”) To which I received the response “My name is not important for you to know right now, but you may find this useful.”

I then found myself in the waiting parlor of the Central Palace with the von Zarovich family sword strapped to by belt and surrounded by the ruble of Narin and Julian’s battle with several guards. I arrived just in time to kill the last guard and see a man carrying a load of gold hurry past the door.

XP earned: There wasn't a lot of fighting but between stealing the horses and the encounters in the Temple I believe there was a significant amount of plot development which accounts it as of greater difficulty than a merely average session.

Zombies = 150

Wraiths = 400

Horses = 500 (Required skills I’m not adept at - Thievery/Stealth)

Guard/Guide = 350 (Good solid roleplaying and investigation)

Temple = 500 (Took on Temple Alone)

Palace = 100

Good Roleplaying = ? (Got two luck tokens!)

Total: 150+400+500+350+500+100= 2000

DM accepts this. 2,000 XP it is.

Narin's Record (Justin)

After the long trek out of the underground city, Julian (Gregg), Uriel (Kelly), and I noticed that the city of Talon was on fire. Fun….. We then decided to move towards the Watch Tower in order to find out what the crap we had just released by defeating that god thing. The tower was under attack though by zombies and wraiths. As soon as we defeated them, the almost completely worthless guards of Talon showed up to help us. The guards then told us the state of the city and directed us to the Duke's battle room (which is what made them not completely worthless). Along the way though I realized that some ninja like guy was following us, but if he was either friendly or not we never found out as he never came off the rooftops.

We then had a nice chat with the Duke about what the crap we were going to do. He then proposed that we travel to the neighboring city of Brambletree and obtain the Orb of Allura, which was said that is can stop the undead. The Duke clearly wasn’t telling the whole truth, but we must have been tired at 3 am since we decided to accept his quest anyway. Before heading out I managed to liberate myself of the extra apparel I had “collected” for some gold at a store that was somehow open, while Uriel managed to obtain some nice horses.

After a half a day’s ride we reached the city of Brambletree. Julian agreed to pay the 30 gold fee that was required in order to enter the city. As soon as we entered I thought it would have been a good idea to ask a guard for directions, but as soon as I asked ONE question the guard thought I was suspicious. I then got pissed off and started patronizing the guard, knowing that it would probably get me arrested. I’ve learned from other “experiences” that getting arrested in a hostile city sometimes isn’t a bad idea. So I was arrested while Julian and Uriel pretended not to know me.

Upon reaching my cell, I discovered a magical being with a strange cloak in his own cell and a drunk in another cell. But as it was, the drunken guy wasn’t really asleep or drunk and was actually sending a message to the magical guy through his snorts. I realized that the snorts seemed to be referring to numbers, and was possibly referring to the size of a structure. Before I could question them though, a guard pulled me away and took me to an underground place where the size seemed very similar to a number of fake snorts I had heard.

The guard then took me to a room where I managed to keep the door from closing completely. Poison gas started leaking out through tiny holes though, and at that point I was pissed beyond belief and proceed to summon my giant ice hand and smash the wall where the poison was coming from. As the wall fell I saw Julian turn around with a “what?” expression on her face. We then realized that it is a very small world indeed and decided that share our experiences together until we heard the guards running down the hall. We then took our positions, with Julian in the front to distract the guards while I used my giant ice hand to beat the crap out of them. During that fight Uriel appeared behind us and utterly destroyed one of the guards (that me and Julian had already weakened of course!). I then noticed that he had a very nice looking sword on him that he claimed was from the von Zarovich family and was given to him by some type of god thing. Great…another one…

We then noticed the guy who was not really drunk rush by with a bunch of gold and are currently pursuing him.

XP earned: Zombies- 250
Wraiths- 350
Finding the Ninja dude- 300 (I’m guessing it required a high perception to find him)
Jail- 300 ( since I found out some interesting info and people)
Door- 150
Cuz I’m awesome- 10,000
Cuz I missed some stuff that could have been useful- -10,000

So total that would be 1700

DM agrees with 1700 XP.