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 +====== Background and Rumor Sheets ======
 +**Note:** This page contains all the rumors distributed to all the players each session. ​ Some players saw only a subset of these rumors. ​ If you're a player, and you read a rumor you weren'​t aware of, your character still isn't aware of it.
 +=====12 July 2008 Session=====
 +Little is known about the tiny kingdom you are about to enter. ​ It lies nestled, like Shangri-La, high in the great mountain range known as the Spine of the World. ​ The locals mine the plentiful resources of the mountains, and grow a few unusual grains and fruits on this natural small plain, and trade with the nearby flying races for other resources.
 +This kingdom wielded much more power many years ago, when the flying races swarmed the sky and this was a thriving stopover during long trade flights. ​ Now, it barely supports a few hundred peasants.
 +King Athos rules, and his right-hand man is Sephlen, Captain of the Guard.
 +You've heard a few rumors:
 +  * King Athos is being driven mad by Sephlen, who wants the throne.
 +  * King Athos did something to anger the dwarves who live in the nearby mountains.
 +  * The people grumble that the flying peoples trade less and less with them, for some unknown reason.
 +  * Gifts and treasures from old allies during the kingdom'​s glory days lay buried beneath the castle'​s keep.
 +  * A wounded dragon has taken up residence here and seeks aid in recovering some lost treasure.
 +  * King Athos has an illegitimate son hiding somewhere in the kingdom, waiting for just the right time to assassinate his father and take the throne. ​ The king has men looking for his son to lock him up.
 +  * The people are secretly afraid to enter the mines because they'​re infested with troglodytes.
 +  * The people cracked open an ancient grave deep in the mines, releasing a small army of wraiths who haunt the mine still.
 +  * Clerics are not welcome here.
 +  * A strange dwarven merchant is occasionally seen in the main market. ​ If he offers you a silver goblet covered in runes, pay any price for it, because it will grant you one wish.
 +=====2 August 2008=====
 +After repelling the dwarf invasion yesterday, you interrogated a captured dwarf. ​ He explained that the dwarves are being led by a human named Kalar, and has agreed to take you down into the mines where they live.
 +As you've wandered the streets, you've noticed a lot of grumbling about the dwarf attack. ​ You haven'​t seen a single dwarf in town since yesterday; they'​re all staying home.
 +Meanwhile, you've asked around about the local mines. ​ The locals have mined the upper levels of the surrounding mountains for generations,​ extracting many ores and metals. ​ Nothing spectacular,​ but they are crucial, valuable commodities to the flying races that trade with the kingdom.
 +Dwarves live much deeper in the mountains, and have been peaceful to this kingdom, maintaining an unspoken agreement that the kingdom'​s miners won't mine into the dwarves'​ territory deeper in the mountains.
 +You've heard a few rumors:
 +  * The local witch is pregnant with the mortician'​s child.
 +  * The dwarf attack was all Sephlen'​s fault.
 +  * The dwarf attack was all King Athos'​s fault.
 +  * The dwarves have always been secretly jealous of the mountain kingdom'​s trade with the flying races.
 +  * Sephlen is possessed by a demon!
 +  * The royal scribe has a gambling problem. ​ He's run up a debt of over 1,000 gold.
 +  * The royal scribe is haunted by strange visions and nightmares.
 +  * Didja hear, the Temple of Moradin burned down last night! ​ They say it's divine punishment for the dwarf attack.
 +  * The pawnbroker was found dead near the city gates.
 +  * The barkeep at the Stoat'​s Nose Inn recently developed a limp and an odd smell that he won't explain.
 +  * If you stand on the corner of High Way and Smith'​s Lane at midnight under a full moon, you'll be visited by the ghost of the first king!  I swear it's true; happened to a friend of my brother!
 +  * The king's been cursed, I tell you!  Cursed!
 +  * The town doctor found a secret room in his basement, full of strange books.
 +  * The butcher'​s gone completely off his rocker. ​ Claims the dwarves are out to get him.