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  • Name: Seamus O'Riley
  • Born: 13 October 1568
  • Age: 464
  • Occupation: Knight, Mercenary, Government Contractor (Specialist)


Seamus is the bastard son of an English Lord and an Irish merchant's daughter. He grew up in England, but was squired to an Italian knight until he “wooed” the wrong Medici daughter in 1586 and choose to risk the new American frontier rather than face the Medici's wrath.

He arrived at the Roanoke Colony on 22 July 1587 along with 150 others, all under the command of Captain John White (who returned to England shortly thereafter to gather more supplies). After an expedition to visit the neighboring Indian tribes, Seamus and seven others returned to find the colony repeating the same day over and over and over again. The remaining settlers, including 19 other individuals who had been absent from the fort that day, attempted to rebuild the colony but were too disturbed by the “devilry” to remain. They were also short on supplies and equipment. The colonists decided to resettle on nearby Croatoan Island and assimilated with the native Indian tribe. Before leaving, Seamus carved the word “C-R-O-A-T-O-A-N” into a post of the fort (and “C-R-O” into a nearby tree) to let John White know where they had fled.

Seamus discovered the Fountain of Youth in 1594 while traveling in the Great Smokey Mountains and from there gained his unnatural longevity and good health. He spent the next several centuries living on the edge of the American frontier as a “ghost”, participating in all of the country's major and minor conflicts first on the side of the British, then the Americans. After the Civil War he headed further west as the frontier expanded to include the plains and Pacific coast, remaining detached from society until the Great War.

When attempting to enlist during the Second World War, the government began noticing the discrepancies in his service record. Investigations revealed his participation all the country's major wars dating to the early colonial period. Seamus was recruited by the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) and his records sealed.

Technical Elements


Legendary "Ghost" Swordsman
Lone Frontiersman
Conversant with Mythical Creatures
Tired of Living


Swords 4x
Firearms 3x
"Wooe" 2x
Equestrian Skills 2x
Native American Lore


Knows location of the Fountain of Youth
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