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Abhay Krishna Dhasmana

  • Name: Abhay Krishna Dhasmana
  • Born: 28 March 1997
  • Occupation: Surgeon, Scientist


Abhay is a preeminent surgeon and renowned scientific pioneer in the fields of Genetic Medicine and Bioelectromagnetism. He is also a member of Victor’s Disciples, a covert group of progressive fringe scientists who challenge the boundaries of conventional scientific theory. Members of the group are wanted in several countries due to the ethical violations inherent in much of their work.

He has a proficient level of talent with magic, though he is uncomfortable with the term, preferring instead to regard it as a yet unexplained biochemical phenomenon. However this “talent” is limited to electromagnetism; meaning that while he can sense and manipulate electric and magnetic fields (and makes an effective EMP), he has no ability outside of those specific potentials.

Abhay began working for the FBI after a forced break with his previous employer, Echelon Laboratories, following a failed attempt on his life. The subsequent murder of his wife, along with the kidnapping of his children, necessitated a reevaluation of the research he was conducting. While not strictly repentant, he is coming to realize that his experiments had unintended consequences.


Oxford University – Majored in Biomedical Science and Biochemistry with concentrations in Genetics and Bioelectromagnetism. Received a competitive internship to study in Africa working with Dr. Alfred Pickens on the HAIDS epidemic and other phenomenon currently unexplained by science. Dr. Irina Matviyenko was his Advisor.

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine – Specialized in Genetic Medicine and General Surgery with sub-specialties in Thorastic, Transplant, Vascular, and Neurosurgery. Dr. Heinrich Strauss was his Advisor.

Life Story (Abridged)

I grew-up in Himachal Pradesh, India. My father was an engineer in the Indian Army, my mother a receptionist. We moved to NYC when I was six because the Nepalese Civil War was spilling over the border. Three years later the Triple 7 Attacks made that decision look superfluous. I can remember the concussive blasts from the bombs as I walked home from school, watching the EMT’s trying to make order out of chaos, and thinking to myself “I can do that…and I can do it better.” I knew then that I wanted to be a doctor.

Overall I had a normal childhood and adolescence, though science captivated me early on and never let go. I went to successively more prestigious private preparatory schools as my – well let’s face it, my brilliance – became evident. By the age of 17 I had published articles in Popular Science, Scientific American, and even had a short piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

After Prep School I received a scholarship to attend Oxford University where I earned degrees in Biomedical Science and Biochemistry with concentrations in Genetics and Bioelectromagnetism. I spent the summer of my Second year interning in Africa with Dr. Alfred Pickens, working on the HAIDS epidemic and being introduced to phenomenon currently unexplained by science.

On graduating from University in 2018, I was accepted to study Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. I specialized in Genetic Medicine and General Surgery with sub-specialties in Thorastic, Transplant, Vascular, Orthopedic, and Neurosurgery. My advisor and mentor, Dr. Heinrich Strauss, introduced me to eight similarly progressive students who, like myself, were looking to further their studies beyond mere scientific discourse. We called ourselves “Victor’s Disciples” after the main character in Frankenstein, and like him we pushed the boundaries of science and human understanding. We spent most of our time together researching and performing experiments, including a year in Africa studying the HAIDS epidemic, barely managing to get out after the quarantine fell. It was an eye-opening time for all of us, especially those of us who discovered we had “talents”. During our residencies and after graduation we maintained correspondence, meeting in neutral locations when our schedules allowed.

I completed my program in 2025 and spent the next three years traveling and conducting private research for grant holders before taking a position with Echelon Laboratories. I knew my employer was only quasi legitimate, but they encouraged my research in areas of fringe science and medical experimentation and generally left me alone, so I didn’t ask too many questions. But after Tibet everything changed. Where once I’d had free rein my employers started pushing for specific results; keeping an increasingly watchful eye on our work and limiting contact with other scientists. It was certainly aggravating, though not as limiting as they probably intended. I never was positive of the reason behind the change in policy, but it included an influx of strange artifacts and the company was suddenly very interested in any experiments involving “magic”.

In the meanwhile my parents arranged for me to marry a girl from back home right after med school. We came to like each other so it worked out well enough, and she gave me two children - a boy and a girl. My talents, both surgical and otherwise, also came to the attention of several government institutions. My most relentless pursuer was Agent Maria Garry from the FBI, but there were others from China, Russia, Iran, and most of the countries in Europe as well. The nice thing about working for a quasi-legitimate international corporation was the army of lawyers (and other individuals) at their disposal to make problems “go away”, so while there was suspicion they could never pin anything on me.

Regrettably, last year I ended up on the wrong side of what was apparently a longstanding dispute in the organization. I must have failed some kind of loyalty test or ticked off the wrong person because company hit-men came for me during an operation in Columbia. I was fortunate they didn’t expect that I knew how to fight and that I had friends nearby, but word of my escape traveled faster that I ever could and I arrived home to find my wife murdered and children kidnapped. Assumedly by my previous employers, but I had no sure way of confirming that without putting myself in danger. So, I went to the one person I knew could find out.

Agent Garry was not pleased to see me, especially since she came home to find me asleep on her coach. On the other hand, she was overly enthusiastic in accepting my surrender and taking me into custody. We eventually worked out a deal where, in exchange for a reduced sentence and help finding my children, I would provide my services to the US government. Thus for the past two months I’ve been under house arrest when not “employed” by the FBI as a mortician, which is a depressing waste of my talents and Agent Garry’s attempt at humiliating me. I’m pleased to say it’s not working. However, if she doesn’t find something more exciting for me to do I may just die from boredom.

Technical Details


Arrogant Altruism 2x
Decay in Moral Consciousness
Reformed “Fringe” Scientist


Surgeon 3x
Magic (Electricity/Electromagnetism) 2x
Medical Skills 2x
Persuasion/Deception 2x
Science (Theory, Research, etc.) 2x
Black Market Contacts
Combat - Kukri
Combat - Pistol


  • Bilingual - Hindi
  • Family in India (Visits Regularly)
  • Contact with “Victor’s Disciples”

Contacts & Information



  • Wife - Name, Description; Deceased
  • Son - Name, Description; 7
  • Daughter - Name, Description; 5


  • Father:
  • Mother:
  • Brothers:
  • Sister:
  • Aunt's and Uncle's:
  • Cousins:
  • Father-in-Law:
  • Mother-in-Law:
  • Wife's Siblings:
  • Wife's Extended Family:


  • BFF (Indian) - Name, Description; Age
  • BFF (British) – Cedric Hawkens, Description; Age
  • Scientist (African) - Abasi Nwosu, Description; 37
  • Black Market (Columbian) - Ramirez, Description; 28
  • Others to be Added




“Victor’s Disciples” Members:
  • Abasi Nwosu – Pharmacologist, Medicinal Botany (Tall, Zaire/DR of Congo)
  • Abhay Dhasmana – Surgeon, Geneticist, Bioelectromagnetics
  • Diana Girdwood – Radiologist, Nuclear Medicine, Administration (Brit)
  • Jose Moreno – Dermatologist, Reconstructive Surgeon (Brazil)
  • Kevin Smithers – Psychologist, Neurologist (Brit)
  • Lawrence Johnson – Hematologist, Oncologist (Brit)
  • Sean Fitzpatrick – Endocrinologist, Biochemist (Irish, Red hair, skinny)
  • Veronika (Nikki) Tereshkova – Pathologist, Immunologist (Russian, Blonde)
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