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[Brent the Cyborg Hiker] Brent, the Cyborg Hiker — Adventures hiking in Virginia, USA with Google Glass and a pack of sensors
[Geek Archaeology] Geek Archaeology — My blog and YouTube channel about anime, video games, drawing, crafting, and worldbuilding
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[Brent's Musaeum] Brent's Musaeum of Fantastic Wonders — Tabletop games, adventures, and settings

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[Book cover] Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World
by Jack Weatherford
[Book cover] The Coming Race
by Edward Bulwer Lytton
[Book cover] Cannon God Exaxxion, volume 1
by Kenichi Sonoda
[Book cover] Hachune Miku's Everyday Vocaloid Paradise, volume 1
by Ontama

(84 this year)

Recently Seen

Green Days: Dinosaur and I
Ahn Jae-hoon, Han Hye-jin
[Movie cover] The Wolfman (1941)
Lon Chaney
[Movie cover] Frankenstein (1931)
James Whale
[Movie cover] Forbidden World
Allan Holzman

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"The lucky few who can be involved in creative work of any sort will be the true elite of mankind, for they alone will do more than serve a machine."
Isaac Asimov about the world of 2014