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[Dr. Worldcrafter] Dr. Worldcrafter — Blog about tabletop role-playing games. Includes my "50 Games in 50 Weeks" project.
Geek Archaeologists
Videos about anime, space exploration, tabletop games, and other things geek.
[Otaku, No Video] Otaku, No Video — My blog and YouTube channel about anime, manga, and light novels
[Brent's Musaeum] Brent's Musaeum of Fantastic Wonders — Tabletop games, adventures, and settings
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Recently Read

[Book cover] The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need
by Andrew Tobias
[Book cover] Yotsuba&!, volume 12
by Kiyohiko Azuma
[Book cover] Yotsuba&!, volume 11
by Kiyohiko Azuma
[Book cover] Rurouni Kenshin, volume 8
by Nobuhiro Watsuki

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Recently Seen

[Movie cover] Predator
Arnold Schwarzenegger
[Movie cover] Brazil
Terry Gilliam (dir.), Jonathan Pryce
[Movie cover] The Lathe of Heaven (1980)
Bruce Davison
[Movie cover] Tarzan (2014)
Reinhard Klooss (dir.)

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"The lucky few who can be involved in creative work of any sort will be the true elite of mankind, for they alone will do more than serve a machine."
Isaac Asimov about the world of 2014